10 Options Vegetables and Fruits are Good for Diet

Losing weight can be done with a strategy to consume vegetables and fruits are good for the diet. Vegetables and fruits are very rich in nutrients needed by the body, which is where most of them are very low in calories, so it's good for the diet. Even fruits are rich in calories such as banana and avocado was actually too good for the diet, as long as you eat properly, that is only consumed at breakfast in the morning. Apart from the calories, fiber and a variety of specific nutrients contained in vegetables and fruits suitable to help the process of losing weight.

Some Vegetables and Fruits are Good for Your Diet
The main principle in the diet to lose weight is to consume calories below daily caloric needs. All vegetables and fruits are basically good for this diet, including ones that have high calories as mentioned above, but here we will only discuss low in calories, because that kind is easier to be consumed anytime.

1. Broccoli

As well as the term antidote to cancer vegetables, broccoli is also a good vegetable for a diet. Because broccoli contains 40% protein and 60% complex carbohydrates are good for the body. Complex carbohydrates different from ordinary carbohydrates, because this kind can actually help you lose weight, but it is also good for digestion. Not to forget, the fiber contained in broccoli also makes satiety retained longer. In addition, broccoli also contains antioxidants, calcium, selenium, magnesium, iron and thiamin are useful for health.

2. Lemon
This fruit is beneficial for detoxification and also facilitate the circulation of blood. It also can clean bad cholesterol in the body and facilitate digestion, so it can lose weight healthily. Consuming lemon juice will also reduce hunger, which makes your meal more awake during the diet. Fruit is good for this diet can be consumed in a way made plain orange drink (without sugar) or with made-infused water.

3. Spinach
Vegetables for the next diet is spinach, which is one of the best vegetables to the diet. Spinach has a very high fiber content compared to other vegetables. During this time we know fiber is useful to facilitate digestion, which is certainly useful for the diet, but actually fiber also has other outstanding benefits for weight loss, which is able to reduce the pile of water in the body. Water retention in the body is one of the causes of weight gain, as expressed in the diet mayo.

4. Fruit Berry
Which is included in the berries is strawberry, blueberry and blackberry. Benefits berries as the fruit is good for almost the same diet with lemon juice. Besides fruit is rich in antioxidants that are useful against free radicals to prevent cancer. In addition, this fruit contains the hormone leptin and Adinopectin. Hormone Leptin is a hormone that regulates the sensation of fullness in the body, causing a feeling of fullness. Adinopectin hormone alone can help break down cholesterol.

5. Cauliflower
Vegetables are good for the next diet is cauliflower. If you know the orange as a fruit that has the highest content of vitamin C, then the vegetables that contain vitamin C is high is cauliflower. Vitamin C is essential in helping to burn fat during exertion or exercise. Vitamin C can not burn fat by itself, and also without the fat burning vitamin C during the move will not be maximized.

6. Apple
It is a well-known fruit as the fruit is good for the diet. The statement is true because apples have a lot of things that needed to diet to lose weight. Apples are very low calories, about 100 calories for 1 apple. High fiber content that will make you feel full longer, so it is not at all interested in a snack. Variations of nutrients contained in apple can keep your body healthy during the diet program.

7. Nuts
Nuts is meant here is that a kind of black beans and soybeans. Why is this good for the diet? This type of food is a source of vegetable protein, but does not contain saturated fat as other sources of protein, such as meat. Although the diet when you are trying to cut calories, but protein is still needed. Nuts are also rich in fiber, besides the foods they slow digestion process so that the stomach will feel full longer.

8. Pear fruit
Fruit for the next diet is pear. This fruit has many similarities with apples in benefits to diet, pear contains more fiber levels are higher than most other fruits. The role of fiber in pears is to be able to make longer stomach filled so that helps us feel full longer and not get hungry.

9. Pineapple
Fruit is good for the next diet is pineapple. Pineapples can control the fat in the body. The fruit is free of cholesterol and fat making it suitable for a healthy and balanced diet. Pineapple contains 85% water so it does not provide calories to the body. Others, pineapple also contains fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are useful for the body. Consuming this fruit can make you feel full longer.

10. Papaya
Papaya fruit has many health benefits. Sweet and creamy fruit contains a lot of fiber which helps improve digestion the body. It also contains sugar which is a little bit so it does not leave a lot of calories in the body, making this a good fruit to the diet. In addition, papaya contains a lot of vitamin C, flavonoids and carotene.

In addition to 10 kinds of vegetables and fruits above, other types of vegetables that can be eaten green vegetables. These vegetables generally have a high fiber content. Then also vegetables with high water content. You do not have to worry about this water will increase the weight, because that can raise the weight is water that accumulates in the body. Examples of vegetables with high water content are cucumber, eggplant, and squash. Onion and garlic are also quite good for a diet, because it contains sulfide which helps weight loss process.

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