Easy Breakfast, Inexpensive, and Healthy? Try the Following Breakfast Menu

“Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dine like a pauper.”
Demonstrated the importance of breakfast as the quote above. Because of the importance, the breakfast is described as the position of a king. Lunch is depicted as a position of a prince. And dinner was described as the position of the poor. Than three, the position of king is the most glorious.
Nutritionists recommend for breakfast no later than two hours after waking. The breakfast has a function to maintain a healthy body in the long term, prevent obesity, balance blood pressure, prevent heart disease and diabetes.
Short period of time for breakfast makes people lazy to make it. Well, here are some simple healthy breakfast menu that does not require a long time to make that we can try at home.

1. Various kinds of processed eggs such as omelets, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, milk mix up eggs quite easy to make.

Eggs are a healthy breakfast menu and easy to try.

Always keep raw eggs in the fridge for breakfast menu daily. Eggs contain a fairly complete nutrition: Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, phosphorus, selenium and folate.
Egg consumption can reduce the production of bad cholesterol. Eating eggs every day does not increase the risk of heart disease and reduce the risk of stroke. If you do not have time to eat, you can buy two boiled eggs and eat on the sidelines of a trip when leaving the office or college.

2. Breakfast with fruit juice could be other alternatives as easy breakfast, healthy, and fast.
Breakfast with fruit juice can be tried. Yes indeed not be satisfied, but if you drink three glasses of fruit juice, would have been more than satisfied. Okay vegetables still can. But if the fruit? It felt quite rare.

Fruits are good for breakfast such as bananas, carrots, tomatoes, apples, melon, papaya, and mango.

In the morning should not consume fruit is too acidic.

One again, the juice should not be coupled with a lot of sugar. Let the pure taste of what it is. Sugar has adverse implications for health.

3. Bread and milk, an American-style breakfast.

Nice bread for breakfast is the usual white bread because it does not contain a lot of sugar. Simply apply margarine over it or baked into toast.

Calories from bread comes from dairy nutrition. Milk contains protein and high calcium and good for bone growth. Drinking one glass of milk every day can prevent the bones from osteoporosis.

4. Oatmeal porridge you can try at home. It did not take long for the presentation.

Oatmeal porridge. Oatmeal sold in supermarkets. There are two types of oatmeal, first, that the presentation of instant oatmeal with enough warm water. Second, oatmeal should be cooked first. You can try instant oatmeal to make it more practical.

By the way oatmeal was what the heck? The oatmeal is oatmeal that contain fiber is high enough. Oatmeal is also known by the name of oatmeal. The food is quite popular for people who are on a diet.5. One piece sandwich is enough to meet your nutritional needs.

5. One piece sandwich is enough to meet your nutritional needs.

Eating one slice sandwich the same as eating a plate full of rice with vegetables and side dishes. Just a different presentation. Sandwiches more 'portable' than rice and can be taken anywhere. Does not require special equipment such as containers or spoons, just grasp by hands and bite.

One piece sandwhich consists of bread, vegetables such as tomatoes, cabbage, mustard, lettuce, and bacon. Fairly complete nutritional content, ranging from carbohydrate to protein and vitamins from vegetables and meat.

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