World's First Installation of Hand Surgery for Man Born Without Hands

This man was born only have one hand on the right. He never had a left hand. Until then he gets a rare opportunity.

Mid-December, a man known only as Piotr was undergoing surgery to his left hand mounting.

The team of doctors who hold a hand transplant surgery claims to adult patients with birth defects this is the first time in the world. "We're talking about a man who had 32 years of life without his left hand. The anatomy of the donor and recipient is certainly completely different," said the head of the surgical team, Adam Domanasiewicz reports the Daily Mail.

Surgeons from Wroclaw Medical University, Poland then explained that the hand transplant procedure is long and complicated, ie for 13 hours.

Team doctors are divided into two groups: the first group in charge of grafting the arms of the donor, who had died, while the other group to prepare the recipient's body.

In order to be fused, the bones of the arm donor and the recipient's body embedded with titanium plates and screws were given to ensure stability. From time to time, they also will heal by itself.

In addition to the bones, the doctors also connects between tendons, muscles and major blood vessels of the arm of the donor to the recipient's body. And when it is successful, it means that the blood in the recipient's body flow smoothly, then the new hand will function, although this usually takes time.

According to Adam, a breakthrough that made this team could give new hope to those who are born without arms or legs. So far, experts suspect birth defects as experienced Piotr can not be solved with organ transplants.

"Options they typically only prosthetic organ," he added.

So far Piotr could only move his fingers only. At least Piotr body showed no signs of rejection on the new organ. Team doctors are confident he will be able to move the whole hand it over time.

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