5 Unique Reactions That Occur in the Body When Stressed

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Everyone has a unique response when experiencing stress and that is an important factor to understand the long-term implications that can occur on mental health and physical health. How sensitive you are to stress and how much patience you have in a stressful situation.
According to a study published at NCBI about the daily stressor wear on mental health, the researchers emphasize that when mental health is shaken, there are many reactions experienced by the body.
Well, as quoted from the Times of India, here are five reactions that occur in the body when a person experiences stress.

1. Full of pressure
When stress hits, people feel under a stressful situation. They feel guilty under the situation and feel overwhelmed.

2. Need other people's responses
When feeling confused, people naturally feel restless in a stressful situation. You also show aggressive nature so that others care about you. This is natural because it can help calm the mind.

3. Want to escape
In stressful situations, you certainly want to escape or avoid such situations. In addition, you also tend to withdraw from stressful situations.

4. Dispose of more energy
When you view stress as a challenge, you automatically waste more energy. When stressed, you feel scared, your heart beat is fast and you are more difficult to control emotions.

5. Need motivation
Humans are created to socialize under any conditions, including when stressed. You certainly seek your help or motivation to get out of trouble.

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