Always Feeling Sleepy? Be careful, it could be because of these 5 things

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If you wonder why you are so sleepy all the time, don't necessarily think of it because of a busy lifestyle. This is what you must pay attention to.

Feeling sleepy continues to be really troublesome, especially in an age that has to be productive. Jobs that should be able to be completed soon are delayed or delayed. So, why does that sleepiness come even though you have enough sleep?

Well, quoting from the Times of India, there are at least a number of reasons why you are like that. Anything? Check the full explanation below:

1. Don't drink enough water
Not meeting fluid intake or dehydration can make you fussy, irritable and tired. The simple solution is to drink enough water. Not drinking enough water can have a serious impact on your mood and energy level.

Some researchers also report that dehydration can also cause shrinking of some parts of your brain.

2. Random sleep hours
This shouldn't be too surprising. But, have you ever noticed that after the weekend you feel even more tired? That's because your sleep practices are irregular over the weekend, making you feel fussy and tiring.

It is said that it generally takes around 21 days for the body to adjust to new habits. Start sleeping early, at the appointed time for at least 21 consecutive days and see how your body adapts to the same thing.

3. Anemia
Anemia is a condition of lack of red blood cells, the same cells that carry oxygen from your lungs to other parts of your body. This deficiency of red blood cells can cause anemia which makes you feel dull, weak and short of breath.

Anemia is caused by a lack of iron or vitamins.

4. Depression
Continuous drowsiness turns out to be closely related to this mental health disorder. If you experience depression, energy is certainly reduced.

Well, one of the changes that you can do is to reduce the processed food. Follow a diet that helps your body produce pleasant hormones.

5. Gadget
Some experts have repeatedly emphasized that many bad effects of gadgets, including drowsiness. So, how important it is to make your bedroom a mobile-free zone.

When your eyes are exposed to light at night hours, it can stop your body from producing melatonin, a sleep-stimulating hormone.

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