Recognize 4 Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Men

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Not a few who consider that breast cancer only occurs in women only. However, the fact is not so, breast cancer can also attack men. When talking about breasts, men also have them. Yes, men also have breast tissue like women.

Breast cancer in men and women is different. Men have lower breast tissue than women and therefore, the incidence and symptoms are different. Well, even though men have a lower risk of breast cancer with breast cancer, it still deserves caution.

As quoted from the Times of India, here are four symptoms that are suspected by men. What are they?

1. Lump

Lumps are the first and foremost sign of breast cancer, both in men and women. Well, men often tend to ignore it than women.

It usually appears painless, but sometimes this lump feels soft to the touch. If cancer has spread, inflammation can reach the armpit.

2. Nipples

Inverted nipple position indicates the growth of malignant tumors or breast cancer. When growing, cancer cells can attract ligaments in the breast. The effect can make the nipples become dented, dry and also scaly.

3. Exit fluid

If you see a stain on the shirt around the chest, it can indicate the presence of fluid coming out of the nipple. The liquid is a tumor fluid that accumulates in the breast tissue, so it exits through the nipple duct.

4. Open wound

Nipples that have open wounds are extreme situations, which indicate tumor growth through the skin.

Because breast tissue in men is not as much as in women, the symptoms of the wound will look like pimples that have been squeezed, bleeding and purulent.

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