Why Is the Pasta Texture Different?

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Pasta sold on the market are of various qualities. If you want to cook pasta with a tasty chewy texture, the right type must be chosen.
When you enjoy pasta in a restaurant, it definitely tastes delicious. But when trying to make it at home, it tastes even less tasty. Maybe it's because the pasta you buy has a bad texture.
People rarely notice the quality of food ingredients. It turns out that food texture plays a major role in the results of the dishes made. Reporting from the Huffington Post (09/08) you should not buy pasta at low prices because generally, the texture is ugly.
Low-priced pasta when cooked on pasta-shaped skillet changes. The texture of cheap pasta looks shiny and very smooth. In the process of making pasta, it is forced to cook faster in large quantities, so the texture is easily soft.
Paste that is too smooth can not blend with the sauce and will dry faster. For that reason, choose a more premium paste, because the paste has a rough texture. Even though it is rude it is good.
You can choose pasta with good texture, a little heavy and if cooked can be 'al dente'. When boiled a little fine-grained and rather clayy because of the best durum wheat use. Usually, the price is relatively expensive.
According to video and recipe creators, Jen Phanomrat, the texture of food is very important to him. Not only on pasta but also other foods such as sushi and ice cream. "If I feel different things, it's certainly disappointing. But, when there are many different ingredients, it's fun," he said.

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