Hundreds of Ribbon Worm Eggs Found in the Brain of this Boy, How come?

Often we hear the findings of tapeworms in a person's body, but what if hundreds of eggs are found in the brain of a child?

In New Delhi, India, an 8-year-old girl complained of a large swelling in her head. In addition, he also felt very severe headaches and had several months of epileptic seizures.

When taken to the hospital, he was barely conscious until a scan was carried out on his head and showed more than 100 white dots, which were tapeworm eggs. Dr Praveen Gupta from Fortis Hospital said that the eggs reach the child's brain through the bloodstream.

"When the egg reaches the brain through the nervous system causes neurocysticercosis, which is characterized by severe dizziness, epileptic seizures and absenteeism. We will focus on reducing the swelling before giving drugs and anthelmintic therapy to reduce the eggs," he said, quoted by FoxNews.

The Mayo Clinic website says, tapeworm infection can be caused by consumption of contaminated food and then migrating outside the intestine. Sometimes they form larval cysts in the tissues of the body and organs, and if the larvae are consumed, they will grow up in the intestine.

This kid is most likely infected with Taenia solium or "pig tapeworm" worms caused by eating raw or undercooked meat. If the egg has already developed, it can cause cysticercosis which damages the muscles or eyes and causes seizures, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

Now the boy has returned to normal health and has returned to school. "We did not expect our daughter who was healthy and cheerful to be affected by such a terrible disease, but we were lucky enough to get the right treatment," said the girl's father.

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