Instagram Denies Test of Reshare Features

Recently Instagram is reportedly testing a built-in feature to do content regrams.

This was first reported by The Verge, Thursday (20/9) which based on its observation the current reshare feature still looks very rough. This shows that this feature is still in the early stages of development.

Regarding the news, Instagram immediately denied that it was testing the feature. According to Instagram, what was reported by The Verge did not show evidence in the form of photographs to strengthen their writing.

Instagram founder Kevin Systrom confirmed that his company was not developing, even testing the features meant by The Verge.

He explained that the reshare feature is still being debated internally on this photo and video sharing platform. Because, Instagram wants to stay focused on maintaining feeds according to the accounts they just want, instead of seeing the shared items from people they know.

"We are debating a lot about this feature. But actually the decision is about keeping the user's feed focused on people who are known not from people you know find other things for you to see. And I think it's more is proof of our focus, "said Systrom as quoted from Ubergizmo, Saturday (09/22/2018).

In fact, this feature is so eagerly awaited by its users. Because, when users want to re-upload photo posts from other Instagram accounts, users must use additional applications.

So far, the only way for users to redistribute content posted to Instagram is through the Stories feature even though the post will disappear within 24 hours.

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