Snapdragon 855 Performance Is Equal to iPhone X Processor?

Qualcomm's flagship processor for 2018 is Snapdragon 845, while for next year - it's likely - it will be named Snapdragon 855. What is the performance of the new processor?

A suspected Snapdragon 855 processor recently appeared on the GeekBench website. On the benchmark site, the processor that is thought to be Snapdragon 855 has a MSNile code.

The processor that is paired with 6GB RAM and run on a device with Android 9 Pie OS gets a multi core score of 10,469. This score is equivalent to the Apple A11 Bionic processor, which is the brain of the 2017 iPhone.

As for the single-core score, the Qualcomm chip can't beat - even match - the score obtained by the A11 Bionic chip, where the score is 3,697 compared to the 4,300 commonly obtained by the Bionic A11 chip, according to detikINET from GSM Arena, Tuesday (4/9/2018).

If this software really is Snapdragon 855 there is no change in performance, the chip should be far less than the benchmark score obtained by the next generation of Apple processor chips - probably called A12 -.

Photo: GeekBench

But there is also the possibility that MSMNile is not a processor chip for cellphones, but for Windows devices. Because Qualcomm and Windows have been working on the Windows on ARM project a while ago, so this could be a chip for the project.

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