The luxury of an electric taxi in London, like Rolls-Royce

London taxis or 'black cab' with electric propulsion some time ago have begun to operate. This unique black-colored car still embodies an iconic distinctive style like the previous generation, TX4.
As a form of appreciation for the uniqueness, the modification house of Kahn Design has another 'crazy' idea of making London taxis luxurious, not inferior to the newest generation, the TX5. Even mentioned, the luxury is like a Rolls-Royce premium car.

The exterior appearance of the car is quite different from 'black cab' in general because the paint used uses the Rolls-Royce printing approach. Improvements to the grill, wheels and windows are also the main attraction.
Do not get there, entering the taxi passengers will still find the luxury of a Rolls-Royce. Starting from multi-layered and perforated Nappa leather, typical Rolls-Royce LED headlights, piano black instrument panel, and other high-end touches.

The ceiling is also made like an attractive nighttime panorama, full of stars.

"Although sad to see many iconic vehicles reaching the end of their lives, it is a great honor to redesign and celebrate the presence of one of the most famous cars in the world," Azfal Kahn said.

Now, the three Kahn Design concoction cars have been sold.

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