WhatsApp's New Feature on iOS

WhatsApp has released an update for iOS users that presents a row of new features. Among them are notification extensions, search options for the Status tab and detecting suspicious links.

Reporting from Gadgets NDTV, Wednesday (05/09/2018), to get the update, users must first download to the latest version v2.18.90 in the App Store. And also note that some of these new features are only compatible for iOS 8.0 or iOS 10.

For the notification extension feature (notification extension), if previously when the user receives a message in the form of an image or GIF then it is necessary to open the WhatsApp application, now the user can see directly from the notification panel without having to open the WhatsApp application. Thus, the sender of the message does not know if the message is actually read.

To use it, when receiving an image or GIF, the user must use 3D Touch or swipe left on the notification and tap "Display" to preview the media from the notification panel. Unfortunately this feature is only available for iOS 10-based or higher iPhone.

The second feature is that users now have the ability to search for status with the new Status search tab feature. So for iPhone users will now be able to search for certain contacts and update their status directly in the Status tab.

If you have many contacts who post updates in Status, then you will be able to find certain status updates with the new quick access feature.

The third is suspicious link detection. This feature was launched for Android users last July and is now officially provided for iPhone users.

With this feature, every time a contact sends a link or link, this update will work to alert the user before opening the link. WhatsApp is also reported to warn users once again by searching for unusual characters if they try to open the link.

This suspicious link detection feature is not mentioned in the description but it is certainly available in the v2.18.90 version update. In addition, WhatsApp has also provided a FAQ explaining the Suspicious Link feature.

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