The Most Complaints from IPhone XS User

The arrival of the iPhone XS and XS Max was welcomed by Apple fans who were already waiting for the new smartphone. But there have also been a number of complaints.

Two of the three new iPhones, with the iPhone XR following, have been in the hands of consumers for less than two weeks. There is a newer iOS 12 operating system that accompanies the appearance of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

There have been several complaints from users about their new iPhone. There are also those who reportedly will soon be treated along with the planned software update from Apple. Here is a collection of complaints from iPhone XS and XS Max users:

1. Difficult to recharge the battery
A number of iPhone XS and XS Max users have complained about problems when they want to recharge the battery on their new cellphone. Internet forums also become a place to vent them.

A YouTuber behind the popular techno channel, Lewis Hilsenteger, also had time to test the claim directly by refilling eight new iPhones. He uses the default default charger from Apple.

The result is only two (one XS iPhone and one XS Max iPhone) that have no problems. Five other iPhones (two iPhone XS and three iPhone XS Max) do not want to be charged until the screen is turned on. While one iPhone XS Max does not want to charge at all.

Chargergate, so a number of media named this problem. But the drug from the problem is reportedly in sight along with Apple's plan to release iOS 12.1.

2. Signal problems
Complaints about this signal have been raised by a number of iPhone XS users a few days after being marketed. Their new iPhone is difficult to receive LTE or WiFi signals, also slow in loading web pages.

Some users also compare the speed and connectivity of the iPhone XS with the old edition iPhone. iPhone XS seems difficult to display cellular signals. This still happens even though the operator has changed.

According to Gizmodo, this problem is indicated as a bug when the new iPhone device changes frequencies from 2.4GHz and 5GHz. This also stated that it could be treated with an iOS update.

3. The results of photos are not natural
A number of new XS iPhone owners also complained about the results of unnatural photos. There are allegations that the beautify effect used by the new iPhone is too excessive, especially when using the front camera.

As a result of this, the user's face becomes unrealistic, such as too smooth, when using a new cellphone. The zoom results for the photos taken by the iPhone XS also look very soft.

Even so, as quoted from Gizmodo, it is not because there is a problem with the XS iPhone camera. That's because the Smart HDR feature on the new iPhone.

"Don't like it? Good news, there is evidence that indicates that turning off the Smart HDR in the camera settings can reduce the effect too smoothly. Other options? Don't zoom too much on the skin," said Gizmodo.

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