The List of Amazing Time Travel Romance Books

Content about time travel romance cannot be considered as something common to be written as a novel. That is why finding this kind of genre is not easy to do. However, for those who are interested in this kind of novel or book genre, there are some novels and books that can be considered as something amazing that you need to read. Here are some of those books.
  1. A Knight in Shining Armor. This novel is written by the famous Jude Deveraux. The main story is totally unique, especially if you consider the fact that there is a woman crying in front of a church. She meets a confused knight on a journey. That kind of unique story line is one thing that attracts many lovers’ attention that want to have an amazing romance.
  2. Love Eternally. As the name implies, you surely have known that this novel talks about love. As an addition to that, the story takes place on the old times of Roman Empire. That is one thing that makes this book by Morgan O’Neill became one of the best time travel romance novels that you need to read.
  3. Beautiful Wreck. This one is a bit different compared with the other novels that are related with the old and classic empire. It is true that the main storyline is telling you about the love occur in the past, but the main character comes from the future. She was deserted to the past. For those who are seeking for the best romance, you need to read this book because there are even many men who think that this romance novel is amazing.
  4. The Duke and the Domina. What will happen if a duke with childish behavior has to marry a woman who comes from the future with the dominatrix attitude? That is one thing that you will get from this time travel romance. There are many people who have the opinion how the main story will end, but in love, anything can happen. That is one thing that many people did not expect from the end of this book.
  5. Everything for Love. This book tells you about a time travel. There is someone traveling with the power of love, sex to be exact. However, everything changes when that woman has to face the fact that she meets with the same man over and over again during his time travel for love. The story even gets better and better when this lover turns out to have the same gifts to travel with the power of love. What will they do after they realize that they could travel through the times because of love?
That is one list that consists of five amazing books and novels with the time travel romance. Therefore, if you are looking for some of the best books with the same genre, it is quite advisable for you to try one of those books mentioned above. The romance will take you deeper into the main storyline.

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